Rubber ducks lined-up perfectly in a row. A thousand stamps stuck to a bedroom wall. A pyramid of thimbles knocked to the floor. These are just some of Luka’s obsessive routines, a daily performance played-out under the anxious gaze of his sister, Lucy. She thinks Luka needs fixing as every time she disturbs his routine, Luka falls apart. Literally.

One evening – battered by his springs and rejections – Lucy finally loses her patience and runs away. Stumbling in the forest, she discovers a clockwork soldier in a shack. When she manages to fix his head, Lucy thinks she’s found the solution to her problems at home.

Based on Jessica Ashman’s personal experience of growing-up with an autistic brother, Fixing Luka is a tale of hope, determination and acceptance.


Jessica Ashman is a filmmaker with a passion for moving things in tiny increments. She specialises in stop-motion, 2-D animation and digital illustration and is currently based in Glasgow.

She graduated in 2007 from the University of Lincoln, with a B.A (hons) in Animation, where her student film, ‘The Seeds of Change’ gave her a taste (and hunger) for short film production. Since graduating she has worked at BBC Wales and Sequence design, Cardiff, training in new media production and design.

In 2008, she gained one of 5 places out of 250 applicants on the Skillset/Creative Scotland funded training scheme, G.A.S.P (Generating Animation Skills Programme). This apprenticeship saw her animating on BBC Scotland’s childrens series ‘Ooglies’ and working in Glasgow based design studio, ISO.

During this period, Jessica was also selected to participate in DigiCult’s talent pool on Scottish Digital Shorts (2010). Through the project’s development process, she wrote a ‘Fixing Luka’. The film will receive its international premiere in 2011.


Anna Odell is an independent producer working between Glasgow and London. She has a background in motion graphics for broadcast and museum installation.

Fixing Luka is Anna’s second stop frame animation after previously producing DigiCult’s Battenberg (Dir: Stewart Comrie) in 2009, a BAFTA and Jim Poole award winner.

Anna studied Visual Communication at Chelsea College of Art & Design where she specialised in 2D animation.